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Your smallest items are often your most valuable

Your smallest items are often your most valuable. Luckily​, ​NANUK NANO, with its patented PowerClaw superior latching system and waterproof design, keeps your pocket-size goods dry and protected from the harsh elements. Of course​,​ your biggest liability ​with smaller gear​ is often how easily these items​ can slip from your fingers. NANO's SmartStrap ensures ​that​ everything stays tightly fastened by your side, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Powerclaw Latching System

No need to worry about big bumps or tumbles​;​ the only ​one​ opening your NANO is you. The patented ​P​owerClaw superior latching system keeps the case tightly sealed using compressive force, spring​ ​loaded slide locks​, ​and a tough-as-nails polycarbonate construction. The powerful latch is what sets NANUK products apart.

Protective Web

Protective webbing lets you keep everything in its proper place. Neatly organize cash, cards, keys​,​ and important documentation. The flexible rubber webbing helps save space while also acting as a soft buffer to separate contents. Keeping in line with NANUK's spirit of easy customisation, the protective webs are simple to remove. A two-hook clip system lets you partially detach the webbing so items can be inserted without ​any​ fuss, while the two lower attachment screws can be easily removed to detach the web entirely.


Smart Strap

This simple NANO device offers a whole lot of peace of mind on your bumpy travels. The SmartStrap keeps your smaller (and often times most valuable) items latched on tight​ly​ so you ​do not​ have to constantly worry about losing them. Its two carrying modes ​let ​you strap ​them​ to your wrist or to another piece of luggage securely. What's more, a quick-release button lets you easily alternate between modes on the spot. Learn about the wrist mode and wrap mode in our SmartStrap video.

Water Resistance IP65 Rated

An IP65 rating means total protection against dust and water. The NANO gives you the water resistance you need to keep your tools safe in even the worst ​of​ weather conditions. The splash-proof design guards your gear from all unwanted intruders.

water resist-ip65

Impact Resistance Bumpers & Polycarbonate Shell

NANUK employs impact-resistant materials to keep your delicate electronics safe from drops and jolts. Every NANO hard case shell is injected with a polycarbonate resin for total impact protection. Santoprene rubber bumpers provide added grip on wet surfaces and prevent scratches on delicate finishes.

Attachment Points

Whether you need to secure your NANO to a kayak, your luggage or ​onto​ yourself, six different attachment points offer a near-endless range of fastening options.​ ​Four slots along the front and back of the NANO serve as SmartStrap clip-on points and also work with a variety of different attachments, including carabiners, tie wraps, and bungee cords. You can even feed your belt or strap through the moulded in-loops to keep your NANO within easy reach.


Rubberized Interior

NANO's interior bumper design ​provides optimal safety and stability​ for your delicate contents. The rubberized interior also creates a gripping effect for ​certain​ items, such as your phone, which minimizes shifting. With NANO, every ride is a smooth one.

Choice of Colours

Offering a colour​ palette of up to 10 options, the NANUK line caters to ​all​ your colour preferences. Colour options range from emergency orange to olive drab, meaning ​that​ NANUK can help you complete the task at hand whether your job demands that you blend in or stand out. Please refer to specific product pages for colour availability.



We are constantly working on new case designs and improving existing design to be user friendly.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Our hands-on customer service is here to fix any unforeseen issues under the NANUK's lifetime limited warranty.

30-Day Returns Policy*

We know you'll love your NANUK but if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a replacement or refund.

*Some restrictions apply.

Fast Reliable Shipping*

Our team will get your order shipped from the warehouse in three business days.

*Some restrictions apply

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