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All You Need in a Drone Travel Case

Drone popularity has increased in industrial, videography, agriculture, and military settings. With expensive equipment, it is vital that you store and transport them securely. Explore our range of products below:

  • Hard cases: Our range of drone cases is durable and provides serious protection from the elements and falls, shakes or drops. We stock cases for DJI™ Matrice M210 and M200 Series drones and the Inspire 2, the Phantom 4, the Ronin-SC2, and many others. All our drone cases come with a lifetime repair- and a 30-day satisfaction warranty.
  • Foam inserts: We also stock foam inserts for all the aforementioned hard cases to provide insulation for your drone when travelling. These protective layers are made from high-quality polyurethane foam, designed for optimal protection.

Our Trusted Partner

Sentinel Cases are the principal partners in Australia of the global brand, NANUK Cases. This industry-leading company prioritises quality and longevity for all their products to ensure that your valuable equipment remains secure.

We're the team to reach out to if you need a hard case with foam for your drone.

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